Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Turkey and Unpronouceable Noodles

My kitchen light went out.  On a weekend.  And not just went out, but broke in the socket.  And of course, I couldn't figure out what breaker to flip to go up and get the light bulb.  So instead of electrocuting myself and hoping I didn't come crashing down the 8 foot ladder onto my small child, I simply lived with a dark kitchen until Monday when a friend could come over and help.  Of course payment is needed, so I made dinner.  I had some turkey breast in the freezer and some fresh noodles from the farmers market in the fridge (the name is about 28 syllables long so I won't even attempt to say let alone spell it).  So turkey, noodles, and pan sauce it was......  The pan sauce turned out pretty well.  The noodles got sauteed in butter and a little balsamic vinegar and were excellent.  I hesitate to describe the noodles too much because this isn't an X-rated blog.......  So suffice to say they are potato based, about 3 inches long, and have a rather cylindrical shape.  I'll let you extrapolate the details......  In all, the meal was pretty good.  No veggies, which is probsbly not a good habit to get in since I'm trying to raise Charlotte in a healthy way, but my male, beer-drinking, carnivorous friend didn't seem to mind.  Especially since I didn't make any soggy fried food this time.

Pan-fried Turkey Breast with Mustard Pan Sauce

2 Turkey breasts, pounded flat (about 3cm thick)
1/2C Flour (for dredging the turkey breasts in)
Oil for cooking
White Wine
Flour for the roux

I'll put the recipe in later, Charlotte is trying to turn the stove on again......

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