Sunday, April 4, 2010


Well, this set of sandwiches was a little better, but still not all I was hoping it would be.  The point of these was to put as much bacon/pork/ham on one sandwich as possible and have it still work as a sandwich.  Unfortunately, my sandwich tester really wanted to make the sandwich healthier and requested turkey bacon......  So being the consumate hostess I obliged.   And because he was trying to be healthier I reduced the amount of sauce and the amount of meat.  Sandwich was pretty good.  Needed better meat.  Needed either some really smokey ham, or a sweeter honeyed ham.  I'm thinking the smokey one.  The best part was the pepper relish I made.  It added a nice sweet note to the sandwich.  It could have been a little crunchier, or have a little more zing.....  But overall was pretty good.  And I guess I'm learning how to compromise better.  In my food, in my life.

Charlotte is starting to like the food I make for her, which makes me really happy because I'm pretty tired of taking out hundreds of little glass jars to the recycling.  Plus I want to get to the point where we are eating the same thing, and eating healthy.  But to get her to like my food I had to bring the flavor way down, make things creamier, softer, and definitely less interesting.  Which is a bummer for me.  But she has liked my butternut squash risotto, rice pudding, tomato cheese risotto, mashed potatoes, and pancakes.   I need to find more ways to make veggies so that she will eat more veggies.  She also wants to eat with her hands, so getting things that are healthy (not fried......), veggie, and finger food is difficult.  But I've gotten a few things.

In my home life I'm starting to become zen with the fact that either the house is messy all the time, or I clean it all the time.  I can't just clean occaisionally and have it stay.  And no amount of systems will really keep it as tidy as I want it.  So I'm constantly picking things up.  And constantly wiping down the counter and the high chair.  I've never spent so much consistent time cleaning.  Even with a housekeeper.  But I guess that is where you compromise, either spend the time or be ok with the mess.  So I'm spending the time cleaning.  Right now the dishes are done in the dishwasher, 2 loads of laundry are finished and ready to be put away, and the family room is pretty well picked up.  So on that note, I'm going to go read magazine and collapse in bed.  I might even take a snack to bed.  My weight still isn't where I want it to be, but I also need to feel a little more full and satisfied before crashing.  Otherwise I won't sleep well, will be extremely grumpy in the morning, and basically off-kilter.  So I guess that's another compromise I'm making, I'm allowing myself to be slower at losing the weight in favor of going to sleep happy.

Well, 4th yawn in a row.  I'll add the relish recipe tomorrow.

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