Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Next Time I'm bringing Salt

A barbeque.....yeah, that's a good idea.  On a Sunday afternoon.  Cool.  With a Southwest theme.  With my friends that have kids.  Sounds great...........

Um.  But I don't know how to start a fire let alone work a grill.  And I've never had any more than 1 more kid over at a time.  Oh, and I have no idea who is showing up or how many.  Luckily for me one of the guys (thanks Matt) was kind enough to take over grilling the flock of chickens that I had marinated.  And another couple took my kid for a little bit so I could finish cooking.  And everyone brought something.  Which brings me to my title.  When I invite people I never assume they will bring anything.  However during casual events like bbq's I'm always happy to add if they want to bring something.  I love to cook so I assume that if my friends want to cook they will do so and then bring it.  And if they don't, then they just show up.

Everyone brought great additions.  And then there was Ivan.  Who did bring a very tasty pork and bean stew that I can't remember the name of because it is actually authentic as opposed to the I'll-make-something-with-chilis-and-call-it-mexican-even-if-it-includes-cheezewiz types that I usually make.  However, he did not make his famous guacamole.  Luckily the girls trapped him in the kitchen and then badgered him into turning my 3 mediocre avocados into great guacamole.  And in conversation later he made the statement that for any more potluck dinners he was bringing salt.  Good luck with that Ivan........  I'm never coming to one of these dinners without avocados and cilantro.

My contributions were chili, which we didn't serve because Ivan brought his pork and beans (which was worlds better, so I'm glad I kept the lid on the chili), grilled chicken breast, which I didn't grill because I don't know how and Matt does such a great job of it anyway, and grilled corn with chili lime butter.  I did make the marinade for the chicken and the chili lime butter.  Both of which were very good.  The marinade was the same as one of the last entries with just a little more currant juice added to make it sweeter.  And the chili lime butter recipe is below.  Its my favorite thing to put on corn.

Chili Lime Butter

1/2 C Butter
1/4 C Cream Cheese
1T  Honey
1/2T Lime Juice
1t Chipotle Powder
1/2t Cumin
1/2t Garlic Powder

Soften butter and cream cheese to room temperature.  Mix all ingredients in a bowl until completely combined.  Chill for about a hour.  Slather on hot corn on the cob.  Don't forget a napkin and don't underestimate the sheer pleasure of licking your fingers.

So the sum total of my contribution to a very successful sunday party was a grill, a terrace, an apartment, an oven......... essentially real estate.