Sunday, March 14, 2010

A for concept, C- for execution

Experiment #1 in Sandwich Creation had mediocre results.  The concept was a sandwich that was a perfect compliment to a beer.  I think the concept was good, execution and details were not quite right.  The beer marinated chicken was excellent.  I think as a marinade and a glaze the concoction was a hit.  However the beer mayo was a strange combo, the beer sauce was a little strong, and the sandwich lacked something.  Maybe it was the pickles I forgot that would have lightened it up a little.  Texture, crispiness, and general meat-to-other-stuff ratios were all pretty good.  Should have left the chicken breasts whole, added something for crunch, and done something different with the sauces.  But, of course, my lab rat of choice for this one loves chicken, and being a single guy was just glad he was getting a hot meal and not cooking. So he performed his end well by telling me it tasted great......  hey, I've got a fragile ego, it helps when someone tells me my cooking is good.  Even when I know its only ok.

The fries were again a disaster.  Its a good thing I'm not looking for a job at McDonalds.......  I can't deep fry worth anything.  The homemade chipotle mayo was really good though.  I really like the combination of flavors, especially with the tang of the white wine vinegar.   I will definitely use the mayo as a base for lots of other things, just not oil soaked fries......

So, overall, an A for concept C- for execution.  And the only reason I didn't fail was because the chicken was actually pretty good.  Definite potential for the chicken and the mayo, everything else was pretty sad.

Beer Marinated Chicken

4 Chicken Breasts

1 Bottle Beer
1/4 C Dijon Mustard
1/8C Honey
1t Crushed Garlic
1/2t Cumin
1/4t Allspice
1/4t Cinnamon

Boil all ingredients until slightly thickened, about 8min.  Reserve 1/4 of the Marinade.  Marinate Chicken in the sauce for 2-3 hours.  Heat oil in non-stick fry pan.  Remove Chicken and shake off excess marinade.  Pan roast chicken until golden, about 7-8min per side.  Pour reserved marinade over chicken and roast for additional 1-2min per side.  Remove from pan and serve immediately (as opposed to putting on the sandwich that I made and didn't like).

Chipotle Mayo

1 Egg Yolk
1/2t Dijon Mustard
1t Lemon Juice
1t White Wine Vinegar
2t Crushed Garlic
1C Olive Oil
Pinch of Salt
1/2t Dried Chipotle
1/2t Cumin
1/2t Smoked Paprika
1/4t Allspice
1/4t Cinnamon

Whisk egg yolk, mustard, lemon juice, and vinegar until light yellow.  Add olive oil in a steady stream while continuing to whisk.  Whisk until thick and white.  Fold in salt, chipotle, cumin, paprika, allspice, and cinnamon.  Allow to chill overnight before using.

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