Saturday, January 23, 2010

The best laid plans...

I don't know the rest of the quote, but I think it has something to do with "the best laid plans of mice and men often turn into dirt tasting pancakes......"  Ok, perhaps that's not exactly what it says, but that's the gist of it.  I tried to make Ethiopian food for this week's supper club, which is wonderful, especially injera the sourdough pancake that the stews are ladeled onto.  Traditional injera is made from Tef flour, and let to ferment for about 3-4 days.  The night before the supper club at my house I decided to try the injera that I had been fermenting (made in the traditional way).  It was an excellent thing that I did that because it tasted roughly like a dirt pancake.  Not in the least bit tasty.

So I made parmesan polenta, chicken in a wild mushroom sauce, and salad.  Which all turned out very well.  And all of it I made from scratch, with no recipe.  It helped that the parmesan I had was aged 3 years, and I also had a fresh truffle to grate on top.  Overall, an excellent meal, I think.  And much tastier than dirt pancakes.  I'll give the Ethiopian food a try again at some point.  But maybe just for myself.....

Chicken in Wild Mushroom Sauce
1 Package chicken tenders (about a half kilo)
3 Strips Bacon
2T Butter
1/2 Onion, fine dice
1/2 Kilo Wild Mushrooms
4cl White Wine (dry)
8cl Whole Milk (or half and half cream and water)
2T Flour
8cl Chicken Broth

Melt 1/2T butter in a saucier or medium sauce pan.  Add bacon and cook until half crisp.  Lightly brown the chicken tenders in butter and bacon.  Remove chicken and bacon from the pan.  Return the pan to heat, add more butter if necessary, saute mushrooms until light brown.  Add onions and continue to saute until starting to darken and release liquid.  Add white wine and cook until absorbed.  Add milk and flour stirring until a smooth sauce forms.  Add chicken and bacon back in.  Sitr over low heat for 10min.  Add chicken broth to thin sauce to desired consistency.

Serve over polenta.  Grate fresh truffle on top.

Parmesan Polenta
Recipe to come later.....  Charlotte is needing more treats from the treat truck :)

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