Saturday, February 6, 2010

The little things

I'm not exactly able to cook as much as I would like.  So nothing good to report.....  But I did get to eat the best potato dish I've ever had.  It was done by Migle, with some sort of specialized Lithuanian potato grater.  It was fluffy, and rich, and utterly amazing.  Of course having butter, onions, and bacon in it, then covering it with sour cream helped :)  I think I ate a couple kilos of it.

I don't have anything good that I've cooked, but I do have a couple failures to report.  One was just plain silly.  In making dinner for me and friend I used 4 pans and burned things in the bottom of 2!  That's right, half of the dishes were major disasters....  And it was just fajitas!  Major disaster.  It turned out ok in the end, but not great.  Velveeta cheese dip is always a winner.  Pour it over anything and it tastes good.  So that salvaged things.  But the chicken was too fruity, I didn't have enough peppers, I burned the bacon the first time around, and somehow managed to burn the cheese dip the first time too.  Well, you can't win em all.

Charlotte is decidedly not a fan of my homemade baby food.  I think I'm not even going to keep trying until she can eat food more like real people food.....

Since writing the above I made crepes for breakfast and she loved them!  I put apricot puree on hers and she ate 2.  I feel much more like a success.

Well, my coffee has gotten cold, we've been through one nap, two breakfasts, and a very difficult nose suctioning.  So now I'm going to try to rewarm coffee and catch up on my cooking magazines for the couple minutes that she is entertained by putting play eggs into the ball machine.

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