Thursday, February 25, 2010

Services Rendered

Its not so easy getting things done around the house when Trey is gone.  Especially things like replacing lightbulbs, figuring out what fuses control what, and remembering to take the garbage out before it crawls itself out of the bin.  So one of my friends from work generously offered to come change my lightbulbs for me.  Which required a ladder.  Which required first borrowing one, then trying to fit it in the car.  Then it required that we figure out which breaker went to which light, not labeled well of course, because somehow the lightbulb broke in the fixture and the whole light wouldn't work.  Of course it was also dark by then so a flashlight was needed to complete the bulb replacement.  And through all this I had to take care of Charlotte, feed her, bathe her, and put her to bed.  Needless to say I didn't spend a huge amount of time on dinner.  But.....

Services rendered definitely deserve proper payment.  So I did fried turkey (because the BIO store didn't have the right cuts of chicken) in a maple dijon sauce, sweet potato fries, and Snickers brownies that I had actually made on Sunday.  The whole meal was actually a success.  Except for the fries, which were soggy and oily.  Very disappointing.  But the turkey was perfectly cooked and I was especially proud of the sauce which was sweet and tangy and spicy.

This definitely deserves a recipe.  But I'm a little tired tonight, so I'm going to go to bed and add the recipe later.....

Oh, and remind me to add the fried turkey recipe.  I used crushed pretzels on the outside and the breading turned out really crispy and tasty.

Ok, here's the recipe for the Turkey and the Sauce (no sweet potato fries, they were a disaster.  See, they were so much of a disaster that I'm not even capitalizing them.  Shame through punctuation......)

Fried Turkey:
3 Turkey Breast Tenders, cut into 3in pieces
1C Flour
2t Chili (no, not Cayanne, Chili, its smoked)
2t Smoked Paprika
2t Cumin
2 Eggs
2C Crushed Pretzels
1C Oil, low smoke point such as vegetable oil or other frying oil

Pour oil into wide, heavy bottomed pan.  Mix flour and spices.  Toss turkey in flour mixture.  Dredge turkey in egg.  Toss turkey in crushed pretzels.  Fry turkey pieces in oil, about 6min per side, until golden brown.  Let dry on paper towels.

Maple Dijon Sauce:
1/2C Maple Syrup
3-4T Dijon Mustard
2-3T White Wine Vinegar
2-3T Chili Sauce

Mix thoroughly.  Adjust amounts to fit taste.  Chili Sauce is hot, start low and add more as you like it.

Serve by pouring Maple Dijon sauce over Fried Turkey while apologizing profusely for the other failures while your guest ignores your ramblings and tells you how perfect your fried turkey and sauce is.  How inventive, etc. and what a great cook you are.  Protest for a little bit, then soak in the compliments and drink more wine.

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