Saturday, February 6, 2010


My dream is a sandwich shop.  I know, that's not really very feminine.  Especially the way I envision it.  But I think it could be really good.  My vision is an upscale sandwich shop that has some high end stuff, but at the same time does big meaty sandwiches for big construction worker types.  Because those are the guys that sandwiches are made for.  While I'm all for the dressings and veggies on a sandwich, I'm well aware that the main part of a sandwich is the meat.  The bread is just to keep your hands from getting too dirty...... or bloody depending on the type of sandwich.  So my first sandwich idea is below:

Bloody Brilliant
Kaiser Roll (toasted)
Horseradish sauce
Medium Rare tenderloin slices
Au jus sauce (slightly thicker than just the watery stuff), on the side
Herb Butter, on the side

I know, Bloody Brilliant is a little much....  But for anyone that like a rare to medium rare steak, good one of course, I think this would appeal.

Of course we would also have The Dino....  A rack of ribs, smoked, with a piece of bread on either side.  i guess that doesn't really qualify as a sandwich, but I thought it would be kind of cute.

Others I'm thinking of:

The Hangover Helper:
Fried Egg
Cheese Sauce
On a Biscuit
Side of Bloody Mary Mix

Seven Deadly Sins (served on a plate made of Playboy covers)
I'll have just a little bread with my meat
California Hippy
American On a Bun (Turkey, Ham, Apples, Cheddar, Onions, Mayo, etc.  Recipe to come later)

I'll think of others.  Not sure I'll ever make it to that sandwich shop, but I like to think of the possibilities. As Charlotte has been in bed for about an hour, its time for me to go to bed too.  When the baby sleeps I at least try to sleep.  And dream of sandwiches......

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