Friday, November 2, 2007


Well, I'm so thankful the holidays are coming that I'm doing Thanksgiving dinner early. Plus, I get a chance to cook for a bunch of people (2 of them Swedes who don't have Thanksgiving). The only problem is that it will be on a Tuesday, when I have to work, adn I have a doctor's appointment. So......... my anal-retentive planning side is coming out and I get to write a detailed plan, menu, and execution schedule.

Side note: Since I don't let anyone I know in on the fact that I write this blog, I can admit that for Easter Dinner last year I had 12 guests, had it on a Sunday, and I wrote a 6 page plan. To include down-to-the-minute ations for completing parts of recipes and a by-location grocery list, cross referenced to the recipes, and matched to the wine. And all of this was out of my 5x10 kitchen with semi-broken electric stove.

So, needless to say, this gives me an excellent opportunity to start my extensive planning process. Below is the tentative menu:

Turkey (I'm thinking I need a 10lb turkey for the 8 people)
Marscapone and Chive mashed potatoes
Wild mushroom and sage stuffing
Cranberry sauce (of some sort)
Grean Beans
Bread (of some sort)
Pumpkin Pie
Some other desert (TBD)

Well, looks like I have some holes to fill in this menu. Bring on the glass of wine, cookbooks, and my planning tools!

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