Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Dastardly Donuts

I'm sitting in a meeting discussing software radios. Or, more acurately, trying to focus on radios and instead spending lots of energy trying to resist the other half of the chocolate glazed, sprinkle coated, saturated fat-laden, demon donut that is sitting next to me and taunting me. I'm trying so hard to lose weight. But since I'm getting to the point where I can't easily lose weight I'm trying to lose it in a "sustainable" way. I'm doing pretty well, but there is this stubbord 5 pounds on my waist that just won't budge. Despite the 5 days a week of cardio, and watching what I eat (mostly......I gave in and had half of the donut........but it makes up for only eating half my waffle this's that for logic?), it still won't budge.

Well, as I've been sitting here I drank so much coffee that my stomach is queazy and I'm jittery and not in the mood for the donut. I guess I'm still obsessing over how T always says that he wants to lose weight except that he likes all the good food I make. I feel like I have to be responsible for what I weigh and what he weighs and try to not cook, I guess I just feel stifled. I want to lose weight, and I love to cook, and I want to support T, and I just feel like crying.......or eating this donut. Ugh.

I guess I need another hobby.

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