Thursday, September 6, 2007

What country am I in?

Well, Sweden was, on average, the 2nd best places for restaurants that I've ever been (Venice being the best, but perhaps it was the company and the cheese........). Everything was extremely flavorful, very colorful, and exquisitely plated. Although I didn't have much traditional Swedish food. Except for the Moose Burger with Reindeer Bacon. I liked it just about as much as I liked Duck Breast or Venison Loin (meaning it fell somewhere above brussel sprouts but below broccholi). Other than that, I had lots of what can best be described as eclectic food that was intensely flavorful. Especially the Asian-style food.

The trip after that was in Washington, DC and consisted of Americanized Irish pub food and mediocre beer. Well, you can't win 'em all. At least I was able to exercise in DC, as opposed to the excessive "experiencing the culture" that happened in Sweden outside of the 12-hour work days. So I guess the motto is, once again:

Work Hard
Play Hard
Eat Well
Drink Well
Sleep on the Ride Home!

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