Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Coast to Coast dinner

So, what goegraphical feature does the US have two of that most countries have only 1 of, if any?

One of my dearest friends from Europe was in town, and of course, came to dinner. When I asked him what he wanted he said "something interesting, local, something you can't get in Europe." Those rather vague directions and one expensive trip to Whole Foods spawned the Coast to Coast dinner. (In case you haven't figured out the beginning question, the US has coastline on 2 oceans)

Appetizer was wild-caught South Caronlina shrimp over grits
Main course was Colorado Bison, with some hickory seasoning
Sides were wine-braised mushrooms and Southwest Chipotle Cheddar popovers
Desert was candied California Valencia oranges over white chocolate scramble

In all, it was a fantastic dinner. The white chocolate scramble reminded me why I shouldn't ever make deserts without a recipe. While it was very good, the white chocolate, cheescake, and crust all kind of oozed together and came out looking more like an egg-white scramble than the white chocolate tart I was going for. But again, you can't go wrong with chocolate, butter, and sugar.

And the bison wasn't bad either......if one were to like red meat I think it would actually be wonderful. My favorite was, obviously, the popovers. But in all, a great meal. And even better since I came up with it only about 2 hours before I served it. I may be getting better at this entertaining thing!

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