Friday, June 20, 2008

New Job

I started a new job, and the first thing I did was..........yup, you guessed it.......I went on travel!

No, no rounds of applause. Since the new job takes me to Army posts I don't think I'll have a ton to write about culinarily. For those that don't know why, let me tell you the un-official Army motto "we do what sucks the most." At least this is what I've heard from several of my Army friends. And this extends to the places they put their bases. And while this isn't true of all bases, 2 of the 3 I've been to in the last 2 weeks qualify. And the 3rd is in DC, which lots of people think is a pretty bad place to be.

The one culinary adventure I've had on this trip (PA, NY, DC) was when my traveling partner got to pick the dinner location. After driving for 5 hours together in a car we arrive at the hotel relatively unscathed, check in, check email, and meet for dinner. Upon starting down the street my traveling partner decides he wants to go to Ruth's Chris because he saw an add for it in an airline magazine and it looked good. And while I'm in a ratty t-shirt and jeans, I'm not one to discourage experimentation. So we go, and I guess I didn't prepare him well enough because he was a little take aback by the $42 steak without any side dishes. And of course he got all uncomfortable when I announced that I don't eat steak. But we weathered that storm, had our crab cakes (for me, pretty good, but nothing to write home about) and steak (for him, with a side of gin martini......I think we'll get along just fine), only to get caught in a major downpour on the way home. Ah well, life in the south.

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