Monday, May 26, 2008

Death by Dessert

I have made, in my own humble opinion, the best dessert yet. It was from a recipe, so my success is partly owed to the excellent writing of the reciepe. It was a Devil's Food Cheesecake designed by Junior's Cheesecake, one of New York's earliest and still best cheesecake bakeries. It had cheesecake (perfectly soft but not mushy), devil's food cake (moist but still firm), and fudge frosting (yummmmmmmm......). While it wasn't bakery quality yet because I can't decorate cakes worth a darn, the layers came out mostly even and with enough fudge frosting smothered on it I was able to make it look straight and pretty even. And of course yummy.

Did I say it was good? No? Well, let me go taste some more to see if I still like it.

Yup. Still good. Anything else I should say?.......Nope, time to eat more cake!

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