Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Oysters and Olive Oil

I find it strange that the first word in the title of this blog is a food I actually don't like very much. And I suppose if I was more of a writer I would be able to come up with something that fits me more. But the more I look at the words, the more they make sense, in an obscure and rather personal way. My two passions are travel and cooking, and trying to think up a name for the blog the cliche that kept coming into my head was "the world is your oyster." And somehow the rest of it just rolled from there.

Its a little late to start a travel blog, since I spent 3 years in Germany, traveling all over Europe and hardly posted a thing. And now I've moved back to the states and will not be able to travel as much. But perhaps I'll get a chance to start to experience the US. On the flip side, I now have a kitchen larger than the previous one (broomcloset size and about as well lighted and accessible) and access to much more fresh seafood.

While I have had a blog before, I'm terrible at posting things. I think it has more to do with preferring to put effort into one-on-one interactions. But since this is something everyone seems to be doing, I'll give it a try. For now, off to play with Google homepage more....

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