Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Birthday Cake

I now know where the idea of Neopolitan icecream came from. It came from someone like me who either couldn't make up their mind or was trying to make a desert for someone who doesn't express opinions. Which is probably how I came up with the Neopolitan cake for Holly's birthday. It turned out beautifully. Of course that was after having to throw out the top layer and scape off the first attempt at pink frosting. But after some SNAFUs and a lot of help from T we finished a gorgeous, HUGE neopolitan cake. And due to the big pink bow on top, it was a huge hit.

So, who's ready for cake?

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Thy said...

I remember eating some of the leftovers you hefted to my cube. Heavy cake but it was amazing. Not moist, not too sweet. Favorite layer was chocolate. I'm pretty sure I picked off the sugar paste bits though....